Slider queen & Firecracker

Nazanin has a strong design skill set from her Master of Architecture & Event Planning Company. Her personal talent and design background allow her to be creative, precise and insightful. Alongside her work, she always had a strong passion for fitness. In her early teenage years, she begged her neighbourhood's gym (Extreme Fitness in Richmond Hill, anyone remember this place?) to sign her up as a member, even though she wasn't considered an adult yet. She would hit the gym regularly, workout in her room, run and stay active. In 2011, after escaping suburbia, she started working out at Flirty Girls (now Elle), and in 2013 she became a member at Barreworks. Finally in 2017, she discovered Pure Barre through her cousin in Washington DC. Her love for the barre style workout led her to becoming a certified barre fitness instructor in 2018. She met Amy, they went to training together and the rest is history!



Plank queen & sweetest angel!

But don't be fooled, she will kick your booty like no other!

Founder of Rooted in Relevés, certified Barre instructor, and Dancer, Amy's background is rooted in movement having danced for most of her life . She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Voice and Dance from the Irish world academy, with training in Contemporary dance, African dance, Ballet, and many other styles. Her love of dance led her to find Barre. After teaching for two years at Pure Barre she moved on to challenge her creativity at Barre Belle. Once the pandemic hit and studios closed she began her passion project 'Rooted in Relevés' which combined her love of Barre with her love of nature and outdoors. This evolved into teaching classes both online and outdoors, and connecting with Naz to create a vision to bring people together for the winter months through movement. You can expect a deep burn with some sneaky cardio and an undertone of dance in her classes!